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Infrastructure Design - What needs to be in place to support a healthy database and stable organization infrastructure?

Data Collection Efforts - What types of information does your organization want to track in a central location? What do you need to extract from your database for donor communications, fundraising activities, and reporting projects?

Software Evaluation - There are more than 100 fundraising software companies in business. Do you need help selecting the right software for your organization? I will provide you with questions to consider when evaluating software for your organization. I will help you prepare for vendor interviews and software demonstrations.

Conversion Preparation - Is your organization converting to a new software package? Have past conversions been disastrous? I will help you think through your next conversion from A to Z. We will develop a timeline and I will teach you how to avoid “pitfalls” that are often experienced during a conversion.

Maximize Raiser's Edge® - Together we will assess your overall Raiser's Edge competency and develop a plan for how your organization can maximize this powerful fundraising software.  I will help teach you the basics or show you how to utilize the advanced features of The Raiser's Edge ® fundraising software.

Productivity Assessment - Do you have a difficult time meeting internal deadlines? Do you need a fresh perspective on your organization's productivity challenges? Are you ready to “work smarter” but you don't know where to start? I can help you understand why departmental or organizational expectations are not being met, and more importantly, I can help you determine the steps to take toward a creative solution that will increase productivity.

Workflow Analysis & Design - Once the mail is opened, what happens with a donation? Does everyone in your organization understand how information is routed? Do you think your daily responsibilities could be carried out more efficiently? I will assess how information is handled and whether internal communications are effective. Based on my findings and discussions with your staff, I will help you develop documentation that will clarify tasks and improve communication.

Campaign Preparation & Strategy - Are you planning a new fundraising campaign? Do you have systems in place to monitor the success of the campaign? I will review your existing systems and help you create new ones that can monitor solicitors, contacts, and action productivity. I will review all systems to insure that you're ready before the first gift arrives.

Data Entry Standardization - Do several people enter information into your central database? Does everyone follow uniform data entry rules? I will assess how information is being entered into your central database. We will develop and document rules for uniform data entry (Name, Address Abbreviations, etc.).

Procedure Development - Does everyone process donations differently in your organization? Do donors slip between the cracks without proper acknowledgement? Do you lack an internal reference manual that lists procedures for adding or updating information in your database? I will help you develop procedures for an internal reference manual for staff and/or volunteers.

Coding Structure Analysis & Set-up - Are you frustrated with your existing coding structure? Do you anticipate the need to revamp your codes in the near future due to program growth or new tracking needs? I will review your existing codes, solicitation plans, financial reports and data segmentation needs. We will build a coding structure that can grow as you grow and we will determine what should be done with old codes.

Database Project Forecasting - Do you need help assessing which projects need immediate attention and which projects can wait until next fiscal year? Do you have limited resources and operate on an annual budget? I will help you identify projects that will provide quick results. We will also make a long-range project plan incorporating staffing growth needs.

Training Program Development - Training comes in many forms – internal and external. Do you have an overall training plan? Do you have a plan for continuing education for your veteran staff or training for new hires? Have you considered an internal training program/mentoring system? I will assess your overall training program and give you ideas for how to implement an on-site program.

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